SITES OF INTEREST: List Of Top Websites For Ambitious Veterinary Technicians To Be

Veterinarians are highly trained professionals whose main work involves taking care of the health and well-being of animals of all kinds. Vet doctors make use of problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge of biological, social, and physical sciences to be able to perform the correct diagnosis.

The proper diagnosis makes it possible to treat and further prevent the spread of contagious diseases from one animal to another. Veterinarians also ensure that our environment is clean and free from any disease causing agents as some animal diseases can be transferred onto humans, if people are not careful and if the diseases are not treated well and in time.

The profession however becomes more complicated if the practitioners do not have a place from where they can gather additional knowledge. The life of a veterinarian is more of a calling than a career.

Dr. Mike Adkesson And Tiger
Dr. Mike Adkesson And Tiger

Hence, a few such professionals have put out certain websites to ensure that veterinarians interact with each other and share their knowledge and expertise. Knowledge-sharing is key to warranting that the doctors deliver to the best of their mandate. Find the websites listed here:-


This is the Veterinary Information Network, Inc. It may or may not be new to many people, but it certainly does more than what other sites do informs, educates and facilitates discussions. Majority of the people know VIN for the special message boards. If you look closely, you will realize that the site has been around for close to two decades. It is understandable that the career is demanding, and hence, the site is new. However, if you find time, dive into VIN and learn more about the field as you read testimonies from various practitioners. VIN has a partner site called Veterinary Partner. The partner site gives free handouts to the visitors. Look around VIN and locate a course that you can take part in. The site also has VIN News Service, conference proceedings, procedure and techniques library, among other features. The site is completely free for anyone who is in school, but as a practicing veterinarian, one has to pay some small subscription fee.

Pet Poison Helpline

This site is managed by the renowned Dr. Justine Lee. The 24-hour helpline website operates in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, and has evolved to become a popular site for noting poisonous articles and alerting pet owners with information on pet poison. The site is also home to some interesting and captivating webinars. If you admire such efforts, this should be your number one place to visit, watch and learn. You will also get to read about poisonous plants, pet safety etc.


This is the International Veterinary Information Service. It is a site that purely works towards educating users including vets, vet students, vet technicians and others. It is a non-profit organization, the contributions for which come from all over the globe; hence making it authentic and acceptable universally. It is one of the best online veterinary libraries across the world. It is free to use and it has some of the best books, online courses, and various veterinary proceedings which you can learn from. The administration of the site has also come up with an email newsletter as well as a digital version of Veterinary Focus, a free veterinary journal, written by Royal Canin. It is similar to VIN, in a sense that you could encounter some difficulties in manoeuvring around the site. However, once you get an account, it becomes all easy and rolling.

DVM Insight Library

Have you ever wished to show a pet owner or caretaker some form of radiograph? Did you ever perform a lung torsion and have then wanted a perfect comparison, but lacked it? On this site, you have more than you could ask for. It has all the diagrams that bother you otherwise and are also well-labelled. Though it is not updated that frequently, the site still maintains some allure since it has some of the most informative diagrams and videos.


The inclusion of this site is a must in the list of the top sites of interest for a vet technician. It is one those sites that has comprehensive information regarding veterinary medicine. Dove Lewis, a famous veterinarian from Oregon, is the main administrator. He has put together some high-class videos and articles that can train a newbie very well in veterinary medicine practice. The site is somewhat new, but it has attracted steep traffic to an extent of surpassing the already existing sites. What’s best is that you don’t have to pay to access, and better still they retain your email so that you can keep receiving some educative materials in your inbox.