About Me

Not every veterinary blog will be as informative as you would want it to be. Many happen to be plagiarised content collated from various websites and journals as-it-is.

Veterinarian Petting Dog
Veterinarian Petting Dog

My blog, as you will find, is a total opposite: it’s a clear indication of the deep love I, Joanne Doe, have for animals, and every bit of information picked up from my research material has been duly credited via links to the original source. I spend an average 6 to 8 hours daily researching veterinary medicine and animal behaviour so that I may be able to publish a blog that is not only educative but informative and interesting to read as well. I feel my unending love for animals is rewarded every time I publish an article and it creates huge traffic on my blog. I always strive to ensure that I remain as relevant as possible and to also avoid repetition. Every article that I have published in my blog so far can be accessed easily, in case you need to refresh yourself of some critical information regarding the health of your animals. I encourage you to read through each article slowly and comprehensively since this is the only way you will gain optimally from my blog.

How I Write My Articles

I have done immense research before publishing each piece of information, and this is an assurance that you can rely on the information you get on my blog. I have learnt that veterinary medicine is not just a practice but a lifestyle too. This is because animals are always around us, and it is vital to ensure that you understand animal psychology very well so that you can solve some, if not many, problems by yourself without having to call the attention of a veterinarian. The sole aim of my blog being: To make you confident enough to performing simple first-aid techniques on your animal before seeking further help from a veterinary doctor. Such simple first-aid, as I have generally observed, has worked well to save the lives of many animals.  Many a deaths could have been prevented had there been proper information regarding first-aid.

It is with these heedful words that I welcome you to my world of pet medicine.

Source Of My Idea

I derive a lot of pleasure from blogging about veterinary medicine. It, being a passion of mine, is a form of entertainment to me.

I have committed myself to research about each disease-causing virus and bacteria in a bid to ensure that my readers are well-informed. I have been a vet doctor for the past fifteen years. When I ventured into blogging, it started as a free-time affair and to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Research is the only thing that can keep a veterinary doctor stay put in his/ her career. The four to five years that one spends in class may not be enough to be on the top of the list in veterinary medicine.

I always aim at being a better vet doctor than I was yesterday, and to enlighten readers more than they were a few years ago.

Discipline In Writing

Expert Doctors
Expert Doctors

It is not as easy as it sounds: it takes an incredible amount of focused and disciplined reading pattern to put together a whole research about a given topic in veterinary medicine. However, since veterinary medicine has been my favourite subject since time immemorial, I blog about it as a refreshment even as it begets me more knowledge and experience. The feedback that I receive from my readers, in turn, enables me to deliver better articles the next day. There is nothing that is as boring as visiting a blog whose information is scanty, repetitive or irrelevant. I, Joanne Doe, always strive to ensure that my discussions are always valid, that my readers are always satisfied with the counsel doled out, and that, in case there is any query, I try my best to answer as soon as possible.

Pets and domestic animals get sick more often than not. And, many a times, pet owners are perplexed as to how to handle them in, what appear to be, normal situations rather than in illnesses. Other than applying the knowledge gained through formal training in colleges and universities, my blog aims at trying to help pet owners and caretakers to take care of their animals at home itself.

However, I strongly advise you to call upon a veterinary doctor in case of a serious issue at hand, involving your pet animal. I look forward to help you have some positive interaction with your pet. Reading my blog will assist you to understand and communicate with your pet animal better; making them active throughout the day. Animals are my first love, and their medical advocacy is what keeps me going. Your animal deserves the right care and attention, just as much as you give to any other family member.

Happy reading!