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Not every veterinary blog will be as informative as you would want it to be. Many happen to be plagiarised content collated from various websites and journals as-it-is.

My blog, as you will find, is a total opposite: it’s a clear indication of the deep love I, Joanne Doe, have for animals, and every bit of information picked up from my research material has been duly credited via links to the original source. I spend an average 6 to 8 hours daily researching veterinary medicine and animal behaviour so that I may be able to publish a blog that is not only educative but informative and interesting to read as well.

Veterinarian Petting Dog

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Veterinary Blood Banks: Why They Are Essential For Your Pets

At times our furry friends may suffer from some illness or an emergency, thereby presenting a critical requirement for blood. The veterinary patients that are critically ill with anemia, cancer, trauma or clotting problems may often need plasma or blood. It is here where Veterinary Blood Banks can help. With just a single unit of […]

Could Your Dog Be A Blood Donor?

Dog Blood Bank Saves Pets But The Donors Are Neglected

A man coming up with a blood bank for his best friend is a true humane act but neglecting the donor is so inhumane and puts the whole idea in jeopardy. We all live in a world, where injuries can happen anytime same for our pets. In a blink of a second, you might be […]

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Veterinarians are highly trained professionals whose main work involves taking care of the health and well-being of animals of all kinds. Vet doctors make use of problem-solving skills and in-depth knowledge of biological, social, and physical sciences to be able to perform the correct diagnosis. The proper diagnosis makes it possible to treat and further prevent the spread of contagious diseases from one animal to another.

Veterinarians also ensure that our environment is clean and free from any disease causing agents as some animal diseases can be transferred onto humans, if people are not careful and if the diseases are not treated well and in time. The profession however becomes more complicated if the practitioners do not have a place from where they can gather additional knowledge.


Sites of Interest

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A Pathway for Veterinarians to Practice

Veterinarians in the United States undergo rigorous vetting and testing before they can be confirmed to be ready for veterinary medicine practice. This is because the federal government takes the course with deadly seriousness since there are very few veterinary doctors who have world-class training.

In order to avoid disappointments in the field, the government has established various pathways to be passed by those who have interest in the course. Foreigners who desire to practice veterinary medicine in the United States, however, have a different program that they have to go through. One cannot practice directly if they have not been trained as per the guidelines of the U.S. government.

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